Brain Yoga (Thoppukarnam)
Activate and Enhance your Brain

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The word Thoppukarnam comes from the Sanskrit words 'thorpi' meaning 'holding by hands' and 'karnam' which means 'ears'. With usage, it has become 'Thoppukarnam'. By doing this practice, everything in your brain gets activated. They have given the name 'brain yoga' to this because it brings neurological alertness. If there are any neurological issues, it could help. It also brings balance. There are two aspects- right and left brain. A balance comes between the two. This an exercise for the body, at the same time it brings a balance. It is not just for the brain, the spinal cord also becomes erect and functions in a certain way. Because of this, the brain also functions in a different way.


  • Exercises the body
  • Activates the brain
  • Brings balance between right and left brain
  • Leads to neurological alertness
  • Enhances thinking capacity, concentration and memory
  • Releases tension and brings ease
  • Helps with mild depression and anxiety
  • Beneficial for those with diabetes
  • Beneficial for children especially those with disabilities like autism, dyslexia, ADD
  • Beneficial for adults with Alzhiemers, etc.

Age: 3+

Intensity: Low

Experience: Beginner

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- Sadhguru

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