Meet your teacher


Bimbisara is an experienced Isha Classical Hatha Yoga teacher who has completed over 2000+ hours of rigorous training in India and continues to further his training in India each year to ensure his students receive the best possible experience.

After attending his first Isha Yoga program, with Sadhguru, Bimbisara discovered a renewed sense of clarity and intensity in his life, accelerating his journey of growth and self-discovery. He has spent considerable time at the Isha Yoga Centre in India, immersing himself in spirituality, daily sadhana and volunteering activities.

With his years of training and personal experience, Bimbisara founded AdiYoga to share the powerful possibility of classical hatha yoga and provide an authentic perspective on this ancient science. He has taught a diverse range of students, across six continents, from the youngest yogis aged 5 to the wisest of seniors at 95. Join Bimbisara on a journey of self-transformation and discover what it means to live a life of ease.