Supplementary Practices

Isha Hatha Yoga also offers practices that can further enhance your health and wellbeing.

Fire up your Energy and Purify your Body

A powerful kriya to purify the blood and increase lung capacity.

The Sound of Creation
A powerful practice that aligns and stabilises the body, mind and energy, eliminating psychological disturbances and alleviating chronic ailments.
Brighten your Eyes, Face and Life
A simple but subtle practice that brightens and rejuvenates the face and eyes and brings about a state of balance leading toward increased awareness and meditativeness.
Activate and Enhance your Brain
A simple practice to activate the brain bringing neurological alertness and balance.
Release Excess Gas
Unlocks the abdomen for an active energetic movement of the vital organs.
The Path of Devotion
A powerful process to make devotion a living experience in your daily life.